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Target to Introduce Plus-Sized Mannequins


The global retailing giant Target has announced plans to introduce plus-sized mannequins in one of its stores.

According to Stuart Machin, Target's managing director, the company's Melbourne, Australia store will be the first to receive a shipment of real-sized mannequins at size 16. This is in stark contrast to the large majority of mannequins used in retail stores, which often feature an abnormally slim size of just 8. So, what's driving Target to change its long-standing practice of using thin and slim mannequins?

Simply put, the reason for Target's decision to use plus-sized mannequins is because they are more realistic. The average waist size of Target's customers is reportedly 14, so it only makes sense for the retailer to use bigger mannequins. Opting to use mannequins that align with Target's core demographic should encourage more sales, which of course is the driving factor behind its decision.

"The average customer is a size 14, so it’s baffling that the Australian retail industry still uses a standard size 8 mannequin when we are merchandising product. We want to change the way Australian retailers represent women, and we hope that these mannequins will help to start a new conversation in the fashion industry, and trigger some change," said Target managing director Stuart Machin in an interview with HLNTV.

Another benefit of using plus-sized mannequins is the ability to display plus-sized clothing and apparel more effectively. Sure, standard mannequins can be used for this purpose, but they lack the visual appeal of their plus-sized counterpart. If you are going to display a plus-sized shirt, dress or some other garment, it's recommended that you use a mannequin of the appropriate size, which is where plus-sized mannequins come into play. Featuring realistic plus-sized measurements,

This comes at a time when many retailers have come under fire for using unrealistically slim mannequins. Customers have issued complaints against more than a dozen different retailers, claiming they their use of undersized mannequins has a negative impact on the self-esteem and confidence of its customers. When a customer sees a thin mannequin, he or she may assume that size is the normal. But switching to plus-size mannequins may correct this issue by revealing the true size of the general population.

It's unknown whether or not Target will roll out plus-sized mannequins to its other stores, or if it will be restricted to the Melbourne, Australia store.

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