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How To Prepare Your Mannequin Displays For The Spring


While most people are still battling the brutally cold winter weather, spring is slowly but surely edging its way closer (March 20, FYI). Retail store owners should use this time to change their mannequin displays so it reflects the new season. Spring offers the perfect opportunity for store owners to implement new colors, designs and other elements in their mannequin displays.

So, why should you redesign your store mannequins for the upcoming spring season? We've talked about this before on our blog, but it's worth mentioning again that shoppers grow tired of seeing the same in-store displays, at which point it fails to generate sales. This is the same phenomenon associated with online advertising, called banner blindness. Even if a shopper initially stops to check out a mannequin display, the display will eventually lose its effectiveness. To prevent this from occurring, store owners must change their displays on a regular basis, and there's no better time than the spring to do  so.

Spring Colors

One simple visual merchandising tip to improve the effectiveness of your mannequin displays is to incorporate spring colors into them. Ask yourself, which colors are commonly associated with spring, and try to include them in your displays. If you need a little inspiration, take a drive through the countryside in early March to view the blooming plant life. From bright yellows and reds to deep purples and blues, spring is full of brilliant color. Utilizing some of these colors in your mannequin displays will make them stand them, grabbing shoppers' attention while encouraging them to purchase your store's product.

New Product

Of course, you should also change the product on your mannequin displays to reflect the spring season. Assuming you operate a retail apparel store, think about which products your customers are most likely to purchase during the spring season. Instead of displaying large winter coats, perhaps a tea dress would be more suitable. As the weather changes, more and more shoppers will be looking for "cool weather" clothes and accessories, so it only makes sense for store owners to focus their mannequin displays on this type of apparel.

Use a Theme

When setting up your store's mannequin displays, try to create (and follow) a theme. For instance, you could create a picnic theme with several mannequins dressed in cool weather clothing carrying a picnic basket. This is a fun idea to which shoppers from all demographics can relate.

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