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How to Choose the Perfect Mannequin for Your Store



What type of posture are you looking for in a mannequin? Some mannequins come with a "fixed" posture, such as standing upright with their hands resting by their sides, while others have adjustable posture with bendable knees and elbows. There's really no single best type of posture for a mannequin, as different stores have different needs. If you plan on displaying a dress on your mannequin, for instance, you may want a classic hand-on-hip posture, whereas a standard posture would likely be a better choice for general goods and accessories.

Torso-Only vs Full-Body

Something else to consider when shopping for new mannequins is whether to choose a torso-only or full-body model. Torso-only mannequins are popular among fashion designers and professional tailors, simply because they are smaller, more compact, and easier to work with. However, full-body mannequins are generally the preferred choice among store owners who are looking to display products and accessories. Full-body mannequins look more realistic, which usually results in a stronger level of engagement with shoppers and subsequently more sales. Keep in mind that full-body mannequins tend to cost more than their torso-only counterpart, but most store owners will agree that it's a small price to pay for the benefits it offers.

Male vs Female

Of course, you'll also have to choose between a male or female mannequin. While some mannequins are designed to be "unisexual," they aren't as effective as male or female models. So, which gender should you choose? Think about the clothes/products you'll be displaying and go with the most relevant gender. For instance, if you plan on displaying men's suits or other forms of men's wear, you'll want to choose a male mannequin. If you plan on displaying women's clothing, however, a female mannequin would be a better choice. Follow this simple rule to ensure your mannequins are relevant and tailored to meet the needs of your shoppers.


The old days of generic, fake-looking mannequins are long gone. While there are still plenty of mannequins that fall under this category, realistic mannequins have been gaining ground as of late. Featuring lifelike elements like eyebrows, makeup, muscle definition, glass eyeballs and more, these mannequins tend to have a greater impact on shoppers. Consider investing in realistic mannequins if your budget allows, as this will almost certainly boost your store's revenue.

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