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Ways To Go Green With Your Retail Store

More and more retailers today are taking a proactive approach towards their energy use and overall impact on the environment. Candybar maker Mars, for instance, just recently achieved the goal of sending zero waste to landfills. Coca-Cola is also paving the way in sustainability, using air to clean its bottles and machines instead of water. [...]

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5 Must-Have Sewing Accessories

Whether you’re a professional tailor or someone who just sews a few buttons back on to their garments, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of sewing accessories. While a sewing machine is likely the most important tool at your disposal, there are a number of accessories which are sure to make your sewing tasks easier. Dress Form A dress form is the upper-body of a [...]

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How To Prepare Your Mannequin Displays For The Spring

While most people are still battling the brutally cold winter weather, spring is slowly but surely edging its way closer (March 20, FYI). Retail store owners should use this time to change their mannequin displays so it reflects the new season. Spring offers the perfect opportunity for store owners to implement new colors, designs and [...]

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4 Rules Every Fashion Merchandiser Should Follow

Fashion merchandising is more than just a fly-by-night job. It's an involving career that requires equal parts eye for design, knowledge of the retail environment, and a general understanding of human psychology and what triggers someone to purchase a product.Group In ThreesWhy should you group products in threes? The human brain responds with a higher [...]

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Visual Merchandising Tips To Trigger 'Impulse Buys'

Whether your store sells apparel, fashion accessories, electronics, groceries, pet supplies, or any combination of the above, you can boost sales by focusing on impulse buys. As the name suggests, an "impulse buy" is any unplanned purchase made by a shopper. For instance, a shopper may choose to visit a retail apparel store with the [...]

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How To Sew a French Seam (The Easy Way)

When you’re sewing delicate fabrics or garments, traditional seams may not be an option. An alternative method would be to use a french seam. Not only will it hold it together better, but it will look more clean and professional as well. To learn the steps of making a french seam, keep reading. What You’ll Need [...]

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Choosing The Right Mannequin For Your Retail Store

Mannequins are one of the most effective types of visual merchandising tools in the retail industry. They allow store owners to display apparel, jewelry, handbags and other accessories in manner to which shoppers can relate. Instead of displaying your products strictly on shelves and hangers, you can place them on a mannequins to create a [...]

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5 Tips For Creating Effective Retail Mannequin Displays

If you aren't setting up and using window displays in your store, you are missing out on one of the most effective ways to attract new customers. A well-designed window display will captivate shoppers and pedestrians walking by your store, grabbing their attention while encouraging them to step inside.Tip #1 – Grab Their AttentionThe single most important tip to remember when [...]

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